Virtual Offices and Business Center

Towers Virtual Office and Business Center is operated by XVIGO2R Corporation. XVIGO2R is a property management company that maintains several commercial, residential, and agricultural properties across the Philippines.

Virtual Offices

Use Towers Center as your Official Business Address in the Philippines and enjoy the following services:

Professional Answering Service – Let our receptionist answer and screen your calls for you using your Company Name. Our receptionist will then forward your calls to you, record in voicemail, or accept a message in your behalf.

Mail/Package forwarding to Anywhere in the world – Use our Philippine Address to accept local correspondence and have only the most critical mail/packages sent to you.

Call Forwarding to Anywhere in the world – Our VoIP-enabled facility means you can receive calls from the Philippines regardless of where you are in the world at very affordable rates.

Fax-to-Email – Fax messages sent to you will be accepted electronically and automatically forwarded to you as an E-mail attachment.

Email-to-Fax – Use our facility to send Faxes to the Philippines by just emailing us!

VoIP Account – We will provide you with your very own VoIP Account allowing you to accept calls for free anywhere in the world via your VoIP Phone or Laptop PC! (Courtesy of Elisha Telecom Ltd)

Your own Manila Phone Number – We can “host” a phone line under your company or personal name in the virtual office, allowing you to bypass the Towers trunk line.

*Subject to additional subscription charges and/or minimum term commitments.

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Mailing Address Only Package Instant Activation for Just Php 1500/month + VAT